Laptop & desktop run out of memory

If doing a large topo STL plotting toolpaths gives out of memory error signal
Am assuming that if I attempt the carve It will fail.
Will increasing roughing bit size, increasing step over, and increasing depth of cut, help reduce the memory load?

Those settings changes will help,
However I’ve also found that using an overly equipped PC with a top of the line processor, plenty of extra RAM AND running firefox with a few settings modifications allow for many more successful toolpath calculations than running them under other scenarios.

If you like, you can leave that workpiece as-is and make a duplicate, and share the project and DM me a link and I’ll give it a shot on my PC…

@SethCNC Thanks for the offer, tho’ I seem to be getting the toolpaths, now that I have changed to a 3/8 roughing bit & bigger step over with deeper cuts…
Now I need to find a way to constrain the toolpaths to the size of the work piece. Have the Island pretty much where I want it on the workpiece but the tool paths show a lot of air carving outside the edges of the material.


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