Laptop for Xcarve

I need to purchase a Mac laptop to dedicate to my Xcarve. What are the minimum software requirements i need to have??


I’m a Mac guy. Use Windows or Linux as your CNC machine.

Mac guy here as well. I bought an Intel NUC with Windows 10 to run my XCarve. There are so many software packages (free and paid) that only run on Windows that it is well worth it to have an inexpensive Windows machine.

I also had a Mac starting out and realized I couldn’t do much like f engrave so I bought s cheap hp.

I’d highly like the others suggest windows

Another one that started off Mac and RaspberryPi and went to all Windows.

For me, the final straw was when I needed a tool path change and had to leave the machine, go to another machine for Vcarve and then go back to the machine.

Now I just load Vcarve (license allows 3 installations on your own machines), tweak it, generate it, run it. It’s simple.

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I have a white Macbook from 2009, it works like a charm.

Mac vs Windows?
Depends on which programs you would want to use for design.