Laptop Screen Problem

Being not that Computer savvy can anybody help with an Easel Software issue I have? Is there a way of minimising the black banner at the top of the screen. I have some sight issues & itwould help me if I could make this smaller so I can enlarge the working area of the software. Thank you. Ian Streten

Hi Ian,
The top bar where the menu is can be adjusted using the zoom function built into your browser, but there isn’t a way to adjust it within Easel.
I’m using Google Chrome and there are a handful of methods to adjust the zoom, but here are the clickable buttons method (Circles with Red)
IF your zoom is at a different value than 100% this could result in the top banner being un-necessarily large and taking up screen real estate so I suggest setting it back to 100% and seeing if that works and adjusting from there and noting whether it helps to zoom in or not. I believe zooming in does make the text larger BUT it also makes the buttons and that banner take up more space as well.
You may need a larger monitor to actually make the software more usable.

You Could make the viewable area larger using the browser’s full screen mode which hides all of the tabs and the address bar (Circled in Blue)

Thank you Seth for taking the time & your explanation. I am very pleased that what you advised worked just fine. The other aspect of this is that I have learnt another aspect of the vagaries of the computer world, well to me anyway. Again thank you.

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