Large American Flag (tiling)

I want to make an American flag with Marine Corps logo on it for a friend. The cutting area on my machine is 24" x 24" but I want to do one that is 19.5" x 37". I dont know how to set up Easel Pro to divide the design or split it. Also, how do I set it up on the machine to make sure everything is lined up?
I am new and would appreciate any help you can give me

Do your Union as a separate piece. Should be 10 1/2 by 14 13/16. There are plenty of flag projects here:

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I have thought about that but won’t the flag still be too long? The stripes under the union would still be more than 24"

Here are some forum resources you can browse through :slight_smile: :

Watch PawPaws video on tiling. You will have to define a straight edge on your machine. I set two guide blocks for this project. I moved the router to both locations and butted the guides up against the router bit to create my straight edge. I also ran the router and pulled it along the straight edge and let it kiss the blocks so I new I had a straight line. Basically with the X carve off I turned the router on and manually (slowly) pulled the router along the axis to be sure I was in line, the router kissed and cleaned up the edge. I circled the hold and the guides in the one duplicate picture.

After that its building two separate files and doing some critical math and clamping.



Even more precise, clamp down two bump stops and skim cut their edge = 100% parallell along the axis :slight_smile:

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All of my flags have been done in this fashion:

You can make your Union any size you want (depending on size of your machine obviously.


90% of mine as well! I even built a jig very similar to Phil’s.

I did too.