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Large machine 6’ x 12’

So I upgraded the cutting area is 6’ 4” x 12’. I am using the x carve controller.I have been using it for three months with no problems.

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What did you do with the original motor drivers and controller?
Are you just running off of 24v?

I have it all still in the cnc. Yes I am using 24 and it is running the same speed as my other one

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did you have to make any adjustments to the program or code when changing the dimensions? or does the program take that into account when it homes or 0,0 in?

1 - The Xcontroller is only counting “steps” and wether it take 10 or 100.000 steps to get to the other extreme end doesnt matter.
2 - Homing = finding machine zero = one specific corner applies. The size of the “box” dont matter :slight_smile:

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Ahhh ■■■■ yeah! This changes my views big time! Thanks big fella!