Large moose SVG freezing Easel

trying to do this crashes chrome. Any thoughts?

the svg is uploaded. but I dont see it…anyways it 1375 lines.

Trick or treat! Haha. No, can easel handle that many objects in an svg i guess is my question. I was running multiple instances. So once this turd im done cutting is done im going to free up all cpu resources and try it again.

Wow… that’s a lot of lines. Unless it’s VERY big or your’re using a tiny bit (or v-carving) you could likely simplify the design a lot.

Hehe… I didn’t even see it the first time…
Yeah, unless that’s gonna be HUGE that was way too much detail. Try loading it into a vector editor and merging a bunch of the polygons.

I was hoping for a very shallow but highly detailed cut. With a 1mm bit

Was also going to vary the depth, for a textured moose… sort of.

Hi @Frosty

I’m looking at the SVG now in Illustrator and I have a feeling that even if you got it to carve without crashing, you might not be satisfied with he quality of the carve. There are quite a few “pixelated” looking spots in the vectors (see image below) Would you mind uploading the original image that you wanted to have traced? There might be a simpler solution to what you are wanting to do.

Just incase you are happy with the vectors above and you just want to get to carving, I went in and reduced the amount of vectors from over 10,000 to just around 6,000 so it might not crash your browser without loosing much of the detail. See the attached file below:

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BTW, I did test the SVG I posted in Easel… takes a little bit to load the tool paths, but for me it didn’t crash the browser window anymore.

A key thing to keep in mind with files like this is that you want to also set the vectors to a level of grey and not have them as black. That way Easel doesn’t start trying to automatically place tabs on every single vector it has just imported.

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So prior to seeing your other responses, i dumbed down the vectors, to about half. Luckily, the customer on this one chose her own graphic, that is significantly more simple. Yay! Thanks so much for all your help on this.

Also, the browser did not crash when I ran only one instance of Easel, I was cutting at same time and trying to load a huge svg, lesson learned.

Results of half size svg with 1.7 mm bit. :confused:

For the moose, I’d probably set the bit size to 0.1mm and go pretty shallow with a 60 or 30 degree engraving bit.

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I would use 60 degree V bit and tell Easel using small end mill like .0305". This time you can have details cut very fine, instead of 90 degree sharp edges. Even if you have 30 degree engraving bit.

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Yayk, I was duplicate sketch’s idea. sorry I didn’t see.

I only have a 90° v bit right now. Im going to order a 30° engraver. Seems like a must for some of the images I want to do.

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Any suggestions on depth settings? Im getting ready to run a more simplified moose and text. First try with 30° engraver. I will try the .03 bit setting, but how much depth?

I say start with 0.01 on piece of scrap to see how much details you can get. Going deeper will give you hard time I can say. Or if you want to give a little time, I’m sure someone might give you better answer shortly.

I got it done pretty nice. Switches to small end mill for letters, the 30 almost ruined it dragging on wood . Bur it worked well on the moose, Thanks @AlanDavis

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