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I am wanting to carve a sign with letters that go all the way through. It’s for a wedding. The couple wants to shine lights through the wood as a decoration, then hang it in their house.

The dimensions of the wood are 30 in x 24 in and 0.5 in thick.

I have set up the project using the 1/8 in double flute straight end mill bit and the simulation says the project time would be around 10 hours.

I’m wondering if I am going about this wrong. I am very new to carving. Is there another bit (that is not listed in the Easel program-I’ve tried them all) that I can use and how do I go about using a bit that isn’t listed?

Including a picture of the setup.

I would love some input and advice! Thanks in advance!

Hi Ross,
It should take about take about twenty to thirty minutes or so.

that is a bit long time? what type of machine are you using?

You could do a 2-stage carve. The roughing bit would be somewhere between the largest bit that would do any work and the smallest bit you intend to use as the detail bit. The detail bit should be the largest bit that will provide you with the detail you wish to achieve from the carve. Does that make sense?

Can you share the feeds & speeds? What material are you using?


Brandon Parker

Hi Ross welcome to the forum!

I can see the top “h” is too small to fit that 1/8" bit, you might want to make that word a little larger so the bit fits.

Then change the cut path from clearing out the pocket to “inside the path” instead you may need to add tabs for this cut path or use double sided tape. But it will certainly get it cut much faster.

Also it looks like youve applied your own cur settings for feed, plunge, depth per pass, ramping. Etc. So if you could either share those settings or just share the entire project:
In easel go to Project>Share anf change it from Pirvate to Unlisted, then copy that link and click save. Then paste the link over here.

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