Larger machine

Not a problem with anything but what is everyones go to machine. I have a 3018 and am concidering something a little bigger and thought i would get some thoughts from the group

How much bigger do you want to go. I had a 3018 then got a X CARVE 1000x1000 love it. But if you want to just a littel bigger you can buy kits to make your 3018 in to a 3040 for about 150 on amazon. Depends on what you want to make

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This is the key component…

If you are milling full-sized doors out of solid wood, you would obviously want a really large machine, but if you are only milling 3"x6" Christmas ornaments, a small machine will do just fine.


Brandon Parker


Wanted a quicker carve with a bigger bit, better finish.

how big is your spindel now

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do you have ER11 collets if so you can go on amazon and buy a 1/4 inch collet and bit. with that said is your spindle 300 watts or a 500 watts

I will look. 300 watt

You can buy a 500 watt on Amazon for 99 dollers that will speed up your caving

I’ll look into it but I’m in Canada and thinking $350 plus extras but sounds like it’s my answer. Thanks for the help

glad to help

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