Larger stepper motors?

What are the advantages of larger stepper motors on the X and Y axis?
I have the stock Nema 23 140oz/in 2.8 A and was considering going for maybe 280oz/in 2.8 A.
My machine is a 1000x1000mm with a Makita RT0700 trim router.

More power is the advantage. Could push faster and deeper cuts.
But at some point pushing the machine via larger engines might introduce flex in various places.

I do not know where that point would be, just thinking out loud.

Do you have a specific reason for wanting more power than the 140oz motors?

No, i was just wondering if there is a limit to the motor power on a stock X-carve machine.
Does anybody know? That is to say, before you have to modify the machine to take the extra power.
Are the stock Nema 23 140oz/in more than enough for most conditions?

FYI - set up a new machine on Gecko G540 and kept tripping the fault with 4 axes at 3 amps. 10amps trips a fault on the G540. It happens right at start up with in a few millis so no big deal. But had to decrease the current to all four motors to 2.4 amps (or 2.4 kohms on the varistors I have in there). No problems since.

Makes for fascinating reading on their website. THIS particular G540 was purchased on Ebay and I believe it is an older version FWIW. Lots of forum articles on the 10 amp issue up until a couple years ago and then nothing. Perhaps a different firmware now comes standard. Still - works like a champ now.

On the old version, when the system energizes (charge pump enabled), all four steppers draw max current simultaneously. That appeared to be the problem with the older G540’s this would send it into fault because of its built in protection circuit. They have apparently corrected for this, because my other machine is set for 3 amps each and there is no problem (this was purchased directly from Gecko). Also, you can send your G540 back (for any reason), and they will run an diagnostic and update it for you for free.

Totally a Gecko fan (but its best to get it direct or from an authorised reseller).

Going a little bit off topic guy´s.
Maybe best to start a new topic on the Gecko G540.
Thank you for your input though.

If it is not broken dont fix it

regards Neal

Then let’s change the topic to “Tools.”


Will the 262oz fit the z-axis due to its length of 76mm?

What’s the maximum length that you could use? The stock stepper motors are out of stock at inventable so I will look some place else.

Any good choices for a Nema 23 from around the web?

The 76mm will not fit in the standard build configuration, but many have turned the motor upside down and with appropriate changes to the Z configuration they have larger length motors working on the Z axis.

On my machine which is pretty much a standard build, a 56mm long motor would fit in the standard configuration.

You could always pick up an extra piece of Makerslide and cut it down making it slightly longer than the stock z axis. I have noticed that the makerslide could be a little longer to keep the Vwheels from falling off the bottom of the rails. You may want to measure the distance before you try though.

That’s good to know about the 56mm long motors fitting. I have seen quite a few 56mm Nema 23s around that have a 1/4" (6.35mm) shaft.

Haven’t seen any 51mm long motors that Inventables uses.

Just make sure you get a 1/4" shaft also know as 6.35mm. There are quite a few Nema 23’s with different sized shafts.

It’s also nice to have a flat on the shaft to engage the grub screw. If not, you can grind your own with a Dremel.

Yep. I am looking at this particular stepper which has the 1/4" or 6.35mm shaft and also has a flat. :slight_smile:


That stepper should work. The shaft length is actually 1.8 mm longer than the motors I got from Inventables.

On my machine I had to offset the pulleys by 4.4mm to get them to line up with the idlers which left 4.4mm of pulley outside the length of the motor shaft, but still plenty of shaft for the pulley to lock onto.

This motor has 1.8mm more shaft which means you would probably have less offset to match up with the idlers.

Can I use this