Larger work area

Hey All!

Does anyone know…are there any plans to produce an x-carve with a larger work area? This is such an amazing system it would be great if it were possible to cut larger pieces of material like some of the more established companies (Gerber, Trotec, Bulmer) can do. Something around 2mx3m.

Is this something possible for the future?



Techincally there are no limitations as to how big you can make it, the electronics dont care :slight_smile:
Getting profiles to the desired length will be your practical hurdle. Rest is transferable :slight_smile:

I’ve been wondering the same thing honestly. The big question is though, is there any Makerslide available to purchase individually to create a larger work area? Another question is if Makerslide is not available, what are some other brands that would either be compatible or suitable replacement with minimal upgrade costs, i.e. pulley replacements?

Right?! The technology is there it surely just needs a larger work space, which should be easy by just providing the rails the head runs on. Professional level CNC can be around 30k upwards. X-carve looks amazing for the price…if only it could cut a little bigger. The maker slide looks like it is only produced to 1m lengths max. Not sure if 2 can be attached together?
I did come across this system “Routakit” which offers a 1.5mx1.5m bed, which for me is a good size. Do you have any knowledge of them? They seem extremely affordable compared to professional systems and customisable.