Laser and Spindle Control

So i got my xcarve a few weeks ago and finally got it thrown up on a table and everything assembled and laid out how i want to…minus a few y-axis shields i want to throw on it and the dust boot i’m currently designing.

With this being said i have a few questions:

1). I got an emergency stop button, but do not have an x-controller…just the G-Shield and standard stuff…i am looking to hook an xbox controll up as a controller, but regardless how and what do i hook the emergency stop button up to?

2). I have a j-tech laser on it and Dewalt 611 … how do i get it so the spindle is turned on automatically (opposed to manually switching the switch every time) same with the laser? how do i get the laser to turn on and off during a project/as well as to turn on automatically opposed to via the switch manually?

Continuing the discussion from Laser added. :slight_smile::

Of note, I have not attempted to run both the laser and the spindle at the same time. I don’t have projects, software, or personal capability/enough understanding on how to put that together to do it. I have a very simple piece of plexi with the appropriate placed holes in it to connect it to the spindle holder (3 holes for the connection and 2 other holes to hold the jtech laser). I keep the mount on permanently, but I remove the laser element when I do spindle projects. I return the laser and a home made orange plexi shroud to the mount and run my laser projects when needed.