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Hi all
I couldn’t buy the jtech laser kit in the UK, it’s never in stock at Robbo savvy, so I have added a 7w Eleksmaker diode laser to my xcarve 1000 and have it wired up through two physical and two relayed software switches for automation and safety. I have made a focus probe based on the spindle z probe.

All works perfect with PMW control.

I can create any text/clip art file in vcarve pro, generate gcode with a modified version of the jtech post processor, then use UGCS to send the file to the laser.

I’m still experimenting with feed speed and power doing different burns and cuts. I can control it to mark paper without cutting it, or cut through 3mm ply without burning the surface, and most things in between. Text I can get clear at 1.5mm

I’d like to try photo etching on wood and really only want to learn one programme.

I have looked at pic laser, but looks like I need to get pic sender as well as recommended on their site. Is Lightburn or any other programme better at the $60-70 range. None look that easy to get to grips with, which I don’t mind, but would rather just learn one. Laser grbl is just too clunky.

Thanks for any help

I used lasergrbl up to a couple of weeks ago and like you said it is clunky and hard to position things where you want it. I bought the picengrave pro6 and picsender and it works great. I think if you buy both together they have a 15.00 discount if that helps you on the cost. There is a learning curve but i have figured it out and if i can anyone can. It is by far a better program and much easier to work with.

Thanks, I have tried to download the trial, but the link on the site keeps sending me to the forum login page. Tried to register, but no activation email so I can’t log in to that either.

So, I thought just buy it, and site is down for maintenance.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Worth waiting for, or do I go with something different?

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Phil, I apologize, but due to unexpected complications arising from Jeff Woodcock’s passing last week, we have had to disable all sales and downloads of our software until we can resolve the issues.
John Champlain

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I noticed that last night whenever i went to the tutorial it wanted me to login to the forums. I think if you are not in a big hurry picengrave will work good for you.

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Sorry, didn’t know Jeff Woodcock had passed.

Will wait for the site to function again.

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Thank you for your understanding, Phil.

LightBurn for GCode machines is only $40. You can try it free for a month, and they have a good support forum, docs, and video tutorials on how to use it. There’ll be a little set up to configure it for your machine, but it’s worth a look.

Thanks Jason

Have downloaded the trial, see how I get on with it.