Laser crosshair thingy


i do appologize for not searching, honestly i’m not exactly sure what to search for. What i have searched for i didnt find.

i’d like to know if anyone has added or can give advice on adding XY crosshair lasers for zeroing setup in. i’ve seen it on more expensive CNCs, i’m not really sure where to begin even looking for parts.


thank you!

i saw that, but was not sure if that would be the best way to go, or using two single beam lasers(one for X one for Y), and i was hoping someone already had a 3d printable part, or a part ready for purchase to attach them

i’ll have to look into that, i take it the easel software does not support that Nativity?

@AngusMcleod is correct and you are too. Easel does not support 3 axis zeroing by default. It does support Z axis zeroing. However, 3 axis zeroing is now a reality inside Easel via the Triquetra Tool Box. A zeroing macro is created with the Triquetra Tool Box and you can launch the macro while Easel is up and running. Follow the onscreen prompts and when it finishes, your bit will be sitting at X Y Z zero which is not located at the front left corner of the material you are zeroing to.

Available at

Here is a video showing it in action.

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