Laser cutter attachment

Has anyone attached a laser cutter to their X-Carve?

I have had a couple jtech lasers on the machines i have had. They work good and installing them was pretty simple. Customer care is outstanding. A bit pricey but a good way to go.

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Hi Wayne, I’m also looking at the Jtech to cut through 1/16" Mat board. I’m currently using a Drag knife to cut some basic shapes, but concerned that I may run into issues as my designs get smaller and more complex. Will the cutting into the matboard leave some burn markings? The idea is to use the matboard for framing purposes and leave the clean white edge. I’ll be doing multilayers with the matboard too. I guess I’m wondering if I should just continue on with the drag knife ?


I have never cut any mat board and not sure the laser can do it. I would contact Jay at Jtech and see what he says he would be happy to help you out.

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