Laser Engraver

I currently use Aspire to design and make with my CNC, but I’m getting into more intricate work that needs laser precision. Can anyone recommend a laser engraver that would be good for my experience with Aspire? Can use the same designs and toolpaths?

Well welcome to the land of Jtech.

Search the forum for Jtech , Laser. 2.8 you will find many posts discussing this laser and how to setup and use.

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That’s the way I went at first. But I run Mach 3 on my XC. So I had to set it up on my C-Beam machine with the X-Controller (not a fan). So I hounded @ErikJenkins for his set up. Just got my ESS delivered. Still waiting for the DAC board from Jtech. That way I can do pictures with Mach3.

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I still owe you more info on my setup…I’ll have time soon…I promise :slight_smile:

No worries. You gave me enough to get a good jump on it. Ive been reading all I can on the warp9td site. Have a decent handle on it. At least until I actually try to hook it all up lol.

How about suggestions on stand alone machines rather than attachments? Looking for something a little more powerful.

If Laguna products are on your list, you should remove them.

You can get a cheap Chinese 40 - 150 watt unit and repair/upgrade it, or buy a ready to use Epilog.