Laser Engraving Help

So I’m totally new to CNC and I’m pretty lost here. I purchased the Whittle CNC about two months ago and got the laser add on. Its a low power 150mw. I am trying to use Easel to do some simple wood engraving, and so far all I can do is “engrave” a tiny dot at the home position when I get the focal length dialed in. Any advice on how to move forward would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you


I don’t think you can laser engrave with Easel. You will need to find a program that supports laser engraving. Laser grbl is a free one and picengrave is a very good low cost program. You can draw what you want in inkscape and use UGS to send it also.

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There is LaserGRBL and Kirimoto. Might be what you are looking for.