Laser focus video

Black is a non-reflective surface therefore you get a much sharper image.


Thanks for the information Phil!

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Great Video Phil

I can’t wait to get home and back into the X-carve addiction… a Laser is Definitely on the list, But since it’s been 6 months since I put the machine into storage mode, I’m sure I’ll have to work out some issues and re-calibrate everything before I can even think about getting a laser and putting it into operation…

then there’s the whole software side… I’m going to have to get serious about learning G-code and sending projects with UGCS or PICSender or…or …or…

ANYWAY… only a few more weeks and I can do more than just read the forum and add to the “design” folder on my laptop. so many projects waiting to be carved…:star_struck:

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Which software do you use for generate gcode for laser engrave?

There is a technique for focusing I used when running an industrial machine.
Thermal paper.
The laser will burn it and you can see the dot shape and clarity.
Just put it on low power and fire a pulse.
You should see a small dot and its shape and edge sharpness will be visible.
You can get thermal paper from any office store / eBay etc.

Used receipts work too.