Laser for CNC

does x-carve promote any lasers. I was looking at the J Laser but was looking at the Banggood laser for relative costs. I know the the Banggood is just a laser and a power supply. What else does it take. There has to be software to drive it. But what?

Inventables does not endorse any particular laser over another. That said, JTech has done a wonderful job on helping to incorporate his system with the X-Carve with unmatched support and quality. If your time is worth money, then make the investment with JTech. If you are mechanical and electronic savvy, DIY.

Match the laser with PicEngrave software and you have a winning combination.

I endorse both products because I own and use both. I have had personal contact with both owners of the companies when issues have arisen which they resolved quickly and professionally.

I could have gone the DIY route but was able to get everything going with minimal effort.

Just my 2 cents.