Laser Image Gallery - Compilation for EVERYONE







A few from my J-Tech 3.8 watt laser:


A test from etching on a slate coaster…I ended up doing a set of these but they disappeared the last time my daughter came to visit :slight_smile:


Upgraded the K40 panel

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If you’re ever in So Cal I’d be willing to sell mine. I have 3 now and only use the k40 for small projects.

how do you get a blue color after lasing? (reference to Aztec calendar on tile) That looks real nice.

That’s likely a color fill / wipe. When you etch, the exposed stone isn’t polished or sealed, so it’d take paint or color much better than the surface. You can do it by masking the surface and then painting, but peeling it off takes forever.

These are all generated from a new app I’m writing called LightBurn, specifically for laser cutting and engraving. I have a small group of beta users breaking it right now so I can find and fix as much as possible before doing a wider release. All of these were posted by my beta users, with practically no direction on usage (I did the Spock one myself). Currently I’m supporting Grbl and Smoothie boards, as well as Ruida 644xG DSP controllers, with plans to add more.

If you’re curious, I have a Facebook page for the project here: There are also a bunch of videos there (and on YouTube) showing it in use, demonstrating the features and the overall look and feel. Most laser software I’ve used has a pretty terrible user experience, so I’m trying to change that.

Most of these images are small - The Aztec calendar is about 3" in diameter, and the birds & Spock are similar. The Middle Earth map and Sunrise image are larger - about 6" to 8" across.

Rastered bitmaps:

Rastered vector images:


Correct on the fill/wipe

@ScottW - What kind of laser do you have? (I’ve got a 700x500mm Kehui with a Ruida controller, and a K40 for breaking).

I have a slightly modified k40 and a Kaitian CM1309.

The file is cut off because I’m impatient and was trying to debug a different thing while I had this cutting, and ended up interrupting it. Also, the wood has a decent amount of grain in it, which is what the vertical lines in the pic actually are - I need to get something with a more consistent color to test engraving with.

That said, this is 140mm x 100mm, 350dpi, 5% power, 60mm/sec on Smoothie/C3D, with LightBurn’s internal dither. If I hadn’t botched it I’d probably do another run to improve the contrast, but I think it turned out well.



I’ve now added true grayscale support to LightBurn - The first and second images are grayscale output at 200dpi and a closer version of the grille. The third is the previous image up close, showing dithering at 250dpi for comparison. I still need to try to squeeze more contrast out of it, but it’s progressing quickly. This was only a couple hours of coding.