Laser installation 101

Ok, so I bought the Jtech 2.8w laser upgrade. I’ve had my XC (with Xcontroller) for a little over a month so I understand what Gcode is, I have just never edited it or GRBL settings. Is there a “guide or tutorial” that lays out in sequence for installing and operating the laser. I thought I would be my usual self and buy it, hook it up and figure it out…DOH! I found out the quick way that I’m not techy/GRBL/Gcode savy at all.

Would be nice if I knew:

  1. what software to get (I already bought picsender, I know there are lots programs, best for non techy newb to get started)
  2. how to edit GRBL for both he laser and XC
  3. where to find the GRBL settings
  4. a simple work flow to get from drawing to laser

Long story short, I need help and lots of it.

There’s a bit here:

Some software information here:


Call Jay at JTech.

He walked me through the other day.

Very nice guy.

Yes he is, very helpful too. I spoke with him a little on Friday and he was kind enough to update Xcontroller changes for the laser on the website. And he sent me the Gcode changes for the GRBL settings. So far I got Picsender running and talking to the Xcontroller, haven’t got the laser to work yet and haven’t bridged the gap between, drawing/Gcode/laser.