Laser L-Cheapo

10w : I’m jalous, mine is only 8W. I haven’t seen this 10W model.

Here it the stl of the support.
Support Laser.stl (273.9 KB)
But, after few months using it, I can say it is not perfect. It is not as rigid as it should be. Therefore, with some speeds x or y, the X-Carve starts to “vibrate”, not a lot, but I think that in that case, the laser is slighty Moving from his path. Probably not an issue for engraving, but for cutting, it is.

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Dears any body know how to install l-cheapo 10w in my xcarve wiring please help

Be aware an unshielded laser is regulated in many locations in the US (my state requires Registration with the state). Now you may saw, who cares, but if it catches fire and your house burns, insurance could deny the claim. You should also consider a door interlock so if someone opens the door to the room it pauses or make sure everyone has laser glasses on.

edit: in->un