Laser problem

hey this is michael from denmark i have a litle problem with my laser for my x carve i had purchased. My universal g code sender says error while starting file stream :0. i can not get it to run can anyone help mee? :slight_smile:

What version of grbl do you have installed?

version v2.0.0

Thatโ€™s the UGCS version number. Iโ€™m trying to find out the version number of grbl you have installed.

were can i find that

can this help?

When you start the UGCS session by clicking on โ€œOpenโ€ grbl will output an introduction message. That message should contain the version number.

Post the version number here.

Also, in the command line enter the command $$

post the results of that output here as well.

grbl 1.1
command line: $:30=255

Try entering the commands manually into the Command line box at the bottom of the screen.

To turn the laser on This would be very low power, wear your eye protection anyway.
M3 S10
G1 X0.001 F5

To turn it off

i can turn the laser on using G1 F4000 M03 S10 on low power
and M05 to turn i off

your codes does not work

now i can load a g code file and machine starts but the laser wont fire ?

Since you are running grbl version 1.1f it plays by different rules.

Here are the rules for 1.1f

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hey again i have now got the laser to engrave but the x carve seems to be running to fast for the laser to ingrave. Im using aspire to make the gcodes and i have downloaded the gcode sender from jtech GRBL โ€“ Dynamic Laser Mode M4 & No Z (X Carve, Shapeoko 3, etc.) is this right ?her are som pictures