Laser PSA for vinyl

I think this should become a sticky! and if possible made to be more visual or important.


I second this motion!

Wonder what all the people on Etsy selling laser cut records are doing…

Here is a great list of products that can and cannot be lasered safely.

There are a wide range of materials that a laser can cut, etch or mark - but some simply don’t work (eg metals) and some are extremely hazardous to either humans or the machine itself (eg PVC and Vinyl). It is therefore imperative that you check these lists before attempting to cut materials that you have not worked with before.


That’s crazy!!

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What the?!??!

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Aha! So your saying i should just hold my breath?


your shirt over your nose should be enough.

Don’t forget the Birkenstocks, gotta protect the feet!

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Engaging safety squints.

You have to wear socks to be 100% safe!

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