Laser pwm questions

I guess my uno don;t like the jtech grbl so i had to switch back. But anyhow I thought I had pwm control nope full power and can not get pwm to function. when I turn the power on and is set to cw laser comes on and is full power no control. I tried ttl and nothing. Been searching fourms but have not found the answers I am looking for

Are you using an X controller?

No stock controller only

No idea then. :confounded:

No prob thanks for your time though!

Where do you have the laser driver wired into the X-Carve controller? And what does the gcode look like that you are controlling it with?

The X-Carve’s grbl is not set to the correct PWM frequency for the J-Tech laser driver, so it takes a higher S command value before the laser will even come on.