Laser Sight for CNC

list of Parts:
2- of 5mW line lasers,

1- of Coin battery holder,
Digikey BS-5-ND

1- of 3V coin battery,
Digikey P138-ND

1-of SPST switch,
Digikey CW158-ND

3 of 8-32 Flat Head Screws

24 awg wire (preferably) 2ft

5×10” piece of ½” HDPE or other easily machinable plastic


Laser Bracket.sbp (528.2 KB)
Laser Bracket Compact.crv (1.0 MB)

why are you using two lasers?

This is genius. My rig has a single cross-hair laser and you have to calculate the offset to use it. With this setup, it looks like if the lasers are the same distance from the center of the spindle and adjusted correctly, then you can use it as an accurate zeroing point for any bit.


I like the idea.
I had plans on doing similar with the one used for a drill.
This is cheaper and I have a 3d printer. :smiley:
Thanks for sharing.

I’d guess that it may be easier to align than a cross-hair beam…