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So, my wife and I, Ok, my wife wants to get into laser engraving. My question is this. Is it worth doing an add-on to our x-carve or should we just skip that step and move right to an epilog or other brand? I know there is a large cost difference between the two but with her small business, I’m not sure the pros and cons to both.

Things to consider.

How much time do YOU want to spend on engraving? (Epilog less, Xcarve more)

Do you use your Xcarve for business? (two machines more productive, one machine less)
If your Xcarve is busy engraving, it can’t be carving (your hobby, or business?)

It’s a business expense. (Do you pay a lot of taxes (if USA) - let Uncle Sam pay for the Epilog)

Do you have space problems? (maybe Xcarve for engraving and carving).

Do you have children and/or pets. Careful with the Xcarve add on.

Personally, I would go with the Epilog IF your budget and space allows.

LarryM gave great info.

If you add a laser to YOUR X-Carve:The real question is-do you want to compete with your wife for machine time

If all you want to do is engrave, the jtech is a good way to start. If you want to also cut wood and acrylic then the epilog would be a better investment. You may also go with a cheap Chinese laser around $300 and just see what you want to do.

Just DO NOT buy a Laguna Tools Laser!!!

Don’t make the same mistake as I did.


What happened woth Laguna? They were on our list to look at.

I would take them off or you’llllll beeeee. sorrrrrry…

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