Last minute request project

This was asked of me kinda last minute by a kid from the local high school. Currently in the middle of 5 projects that need done by Sunday. In today’s society where kids are disrespectful of adults and a child wants me to make a gift for their coach from the team what else can I do but put the brakes on everything to make this happen. The kid stayed here for the whole process (with the exception of the laser witch they watched remotely) made the text picked the 3D file and decided on the shape. The parent that was here seemed to be amazed at how fast the kid picked up on the process. Although there are a few mistakes I think it came out just fine.

There is a bit of everything here. Laser engraving, 3D carving, vectors, and 2D cutting.


Lol cherry. But that reminds me I have a candy bar tucked away.


I am not a candy person But there are a few times a year Fancy a bar of chocolate. Between the wife and kid if I want a treat I have to keep it hid lol. They have kinda shied away from my stash in recent times as I discovered I Have a taste for hot chili pepper dark chocolate.


You are a good man Shane…