Last pass on roughout way off

So, I’m trying to make the playing card box from the projects on the site. (I have remade it in Aspire).

I’ve had issues with the Y axis and have now adjusted the power setups (thanks forum).

Now I finally almost had my roughing pass done and on the final step down it went way off. (see picture).

Any ideas why this would happen?

Shapeoko with Dewalt 611 set to 4. Using a 1/2in straight bit. Total depth .65in / 4 passes. (maple)

Looks like you are are now having problems with the X axis. So check the X voltage, be sure the X belt is tight and the pulley is not slipping. (but it is most likely a voltage problem)

Also running the 611 at a 4 setting is too fast for a .5 inch bit.

I would step down to a .25 inch end mill, I think a half inch is a bit aggressive for pocket cutting.

What type of mount is your dewalt in that we can see so much of it?

its the dewalt 611 mount from inventables for the Shapeoko 2. I have a shapeoko not an xcarve. (although I have bought the upgrade kit, just haven’t put it together yet.

in this mount it has to be all the way down or the router hits the upper screw plate.

If decrease your depth of pass.

How many flutes on your bit? What was the feed rate?

Actually after looking at the parts on the website I was mistaken. The mount I have is the Bosch Colt mount.

at the time it was the only thing for the shapeoko that would fit the DW 611.

I’m about to order the correct 611 mount for my Xcarve upgrade.


I finally was able to make this work.

I changed my bit to a 1/4 2 flute upcut spiral
DOC .0625
Feed = 80 ipm
overlap = 40
DW speed = 3 (about 20000 rpm)

Total depth of cut wat .65 in. it took 11 passes and about an hour to cut. It still lost a step somewhere near the end but nothing I can’t fix quickly with a chisel. I’m still going to work on fine tuning it.

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I forgot to ask. Do you know what kind of wood it is? It looks like hard maple or soft maple but I’m not sure.

The formula I use is:

Feed Rate = RPM x #flutes x chip load.

The Dewalt 611 goes from 16,000-27,000rpm. If you set the Dewalt on 1 you can safely assume 16,000.

96 = 16,000 x 2 x .003

0.065" seems like a pretty deep depth per pass. I’d probably start at .020" and increase from there but decrease your RPM to the 1 setting on the Dewalt (16,000RPM) and increase your feed rate to 96. So you’d have:

Feed Rate = 96 IPM
RPM = 1 setting or 16,000RPM
Number of flutes = 2

To find the chip load data you can look on these charts depending on what kind of bit and material you have. My calculation above assumed a .003 chip load. The chip load is the thickness of the chips coming off the tool.

Yes it is hard maple.

i was getting chips about the size of a small grain or rice. This seemed reasonable.

Do you have a digital caliper? If so can you please measure the chip thickness? A grain of rice would be really thick.

unfortunately no I don’t have a digital caliper.

I’ll play around a bit and let you know what my final settings end on.

thanks for your input.