Latest PCB milling strategies

I am looking for updated information about PCB milling on the X-carve. I am aware of a number of the tutorials readily available; however I have yet to find a recent tutorial that addresses current system configurations. For example, one of the original tutorials has a comment about having to switch out the Dewalt router in order to get acceptable results. The process also recommends FlatCAM/Chilipeppr as a workflow.

To be clear, I’m not asking for others to do a google search on CNC-PCB tutorials; rather, I’m searching for folks who are using the X-carve regularly (however you define it) to create PCBs.

Ideally, I’d like to limit the workflow to creating my project in Eagle, converting to g-code using and then Easel as the g-code sender. If anyone has used this (or a very similar) workflow to create PCB prototypes with an X-carve equipped with the Dewalt 611, I’d like to hear your suggestions.

I second this request but it looks like no-one is doing this.

We’re in between computers for our Xcarve right now, so I’m bringing my personal laptop out to the workshop and back every time I need to carve, so only using the Xcarve for basic things at the moment. But once we get back up and running, maybe I’ll get some materials and see what I can figure out. I’m willing to waste a bit of money to figure this out… after I have sorted my computer situation.

I will be interested in what you all learn on this topic. Perhaps more people will see and respond to this post if it was moved to the project category of the forum. I think that’s where it says to post requests for help on carving. Pretty sure this category here is for posting a tip or a trick to share with others. Happy carving good people !