Latest Software Update Has Glitch

Upon installing the latest software up date I have been getting a “glitch” when running projects. I cut out paterns for my wife out of 1/4 MDF that she uses for “door charms” We cut out 100’s of these paterns in a month. When cutting out the patterns the glitch always happens in the same location on the pattern as long as the orientation of the pattern is the same. I do have video of this happening as well. The software did the same thing last year after an update and it was a couple of months when the next update came out that fixed the issue. I tried everything from a different router, different vacuum (yes I have a ground wire) a differen internet source, reloading software, updating firmware and even a different computer. I am confident this is a software issue as nothing changes the glitch. I have had my machine for about four years now. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them.
Mark Griffith

Share the project, the gcode, and/or details about the “glitch”.


Mason Jar Example.pdf (169.6 KB)

This is a photo of what the finished product looks like. We literally have done 100’s of these adn always cuts somoothly until latest update.

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What’s the “glitch”?
To check if there’s an issue with the gcode, you’ll need to share that or the Easel project.

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