Latest version of XC drawings?

I’m making a new Z assembly and came across a discrepancy.

Is there a newer version of XC part drawings available to public? I notice, for example, 80028 Extruded Carriage drawing/part file hole pattern isn’t the same as the physical part. Mine has two additional holes on the bottom flange, and different positioning of some other holes. Mine is same as the this image in the XC build instructions:

This is the only link I can find to the parts repo:

What’s different?
EDIT: Nevermind…reread your post.
This one?

Looks like you have an older version than what they published. You can compare versions on grabcad:

Ah. Thanks. This is actually a newer part. I thought I had the latest rev part. I checked back on v28, but looks like I have v24.