Latest word on Easel Pro on Chrombooks?

I am an MS and HS technology teacher and would LOVE to be able to have students using CAD/CAM on their Chromebooks. I am looking for experienced Chromebook users to confirm I can do this. If I can’t we’d have to purchase and install a dozen or so PCs, which we neither have the room for (no, IT will not allow laptops) nor the budget.

If we can use CBooks, is there any valuable/critical advice I can pass on to our IT dept?

Thank you in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

The drivers needed to allow the cnc to be controlled over easel is not a simple install for a chromebook. This does not mean it cannot be done, but it does mean that as a result if its complex nature easel doesnt support the use of chromebooks for controlling the cnc… however easel can still be used to design using a chromebook snd then a wondows or mac based conputer can be used to send the carve to the cnc. .

And then if you wanted to have a IT person tinker with getting the chrome OS to allow access to the usb port and load up the drivers snd they figure out how to get it to work, then youd have the ability to control the cnc with them directly… but being that its a quirk filled process, i wouldn’t rely on jt working properly…

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