Lauding of letters

Not sure if this is me, or if something is wrong with my set up. I enter a text into Easel, and in this case I put in letter size of 1”. When it carved, it did it about “3/8”. Is there a way to make the letter size what you input?

Use the grid as a judgement of the size of the text. If you look in the picture, the outer “box” around the text is what its resizing to. You’ll notice this with several of the fonts unfortunately. Just use the corner and drag the font until its the size you want. every line on the grid is one inch

That’s kinda what I figured, but I wasn’t sure if there was a way to enter a text size of 1”, and actually have it be one inch versus gauging it on the grid sheet. Thanks!


You can also use the trick i show here of using the “combine” function with a shape thats been set to 0 depth to shrink the bounding box of the text and then adjust the height to the true desired height…

I had to do it here in order to get perfect horizontal alignment of the vertical letters by adjusting the bounding box first…

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I use an ap called “Explode” or “exploder” I think. It will separate all the letters into their own box, but it resizes the boxes to match the size of the letter. May help?


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So much effort for such a simple thing. I don’t see why they can’t just make the bounding box the same size of the font.

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I agree! If my text size is 1”, then it should go into the program as 1”, and carve 1”.

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I’m not saying that the current setup isn’t confusing and a pain to use, because it certainly is, but I’ve got some hypotheticals about the true to the set size thing.

If one was to set it to 1" and type a “.” Would the peroid become 1" tall?
What if a “H” was added, now weve got “.H” does the period shrink and the H is now 1" tall?
How about if a y is then added, now weve got “.Hy” does the H now shrink to acount for the y loop below the text line?

I think that if it was constantly changing the size based on which characters are used, that would be more of a pain to deal with than the current setup…

And then there are special characters, some are even taller than that capital H… like the rectangles, those are pretty big. Possibly the current bounding box was setup using the largest special characters and a specific font style and that could explain the current setup. :man_shrugging:

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