Laundry room table

I am in the process of designing/building a table for our laundry room. Progress will be kept here.

Still working on the drawer design and some other details, but this is an overview.

here’s the stock in the jig for a test

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Near perfect fit. Need to make some small adjustments but, its a success overall.
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More to come.


Absolutely!.. However, budget this year is tight. Have to buy a van for the family, so all projects will be pine 2x4’s. Cheap practice. It’s also kind of fun (kind of…) pushing pine to it’s limits. I would much rather work with maple or oak with the combination of walnut.

here’s a project I did a few years ago with walnut/oak
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it just dawned on me that my slots were 2" wide… perfect for fitting my 123 block that i use for zeroing. just need to move the zero position in the software to the inside corner and it’s ready for perfect repeat ability.

If you have a 123 block, you can plan it into your jig if you don’t have a corner finder.


this is to give some detail about how I’m using this jig.

I have 1 work zero. In the cad/cam software, I have my jig loaded and place my parts into the jig. this way, Lining everything up and zeroing the machine will be very easy. I started with my z on the top of the close-left corner, but I realized that since I cut 2" slots, it’s perfect for my 123 blocks.

I have it programed to zero at the bottom corner.

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Amazing, way to use your noodle!

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