Layered Plywood Lamp Base

I’ve had my XCarve for a little over a month and am really impressed with what I got for the price point. Here’s a lamp base I designed for my first complete project. I designed the Box in openSCAD and adjusted the dimensions based on the real world thickness of the plywood I was going to cut. I then used meshCAM to generate the tool path and sent the gcode through Easel. Then I glued all the pieces together before sanding and staining.

The lampshade was 3d printed from another openSCAD design.


Love that you’re using OpenSCAD. I’ve been figuring it out as well, using Kiri:Moto to generate gcode from the STL files. It’s working well, although I haven’t hit my sweet spot yet with all the cut settings.

Your lamp looks great!

Yea I’ve been messing around with OpenSCAD for a couple years and am only just getting to the point where it’s all coming together. The biggest frustration is that it can be really slow rendering something complex. I think some of that is because it only utilizes a single processing core so compared to other programs it drags. They haven’t released an update since last year…so fingers crossed that’ll be improved in the next update. The hull() and minkowski() functions have me helped integrate a little bit more of an organic feel rather than the blocky engineer look. Keep with it there’s something neat about creating physical objects from code. is another OpenSCAD type of parameteric modeling CAD program. It is also open source and seems to be continually updated.

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