Layered Text Anniversary Sign - my first real project

Thought I’d post my first ‘real’ project. Thought I’d bust out a layers text anniversary sign. Nothing like jumping in over my head ;). Turned it ok, needs some sanding to correct some issues. The fun (read stressful) part will be finishing it. I’ll post some more pics if the finish works out.


Looks awesome!


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Looks great!

I’m curious… What are the dimensions, and how long did the carve take?

12 x 24. The actual carve took about 5 hours between the two passes. I’m sure I could have sped it up some. I’ll post some pics of the finished sign once I get some clear on it.

That sounds about right to me. What’s the deepest part of the sign and what bits were you using? Did you use Easel’s recommended settings?

Roughing pass was a 1/4 2 flute. Feed rate 40ipm, plunge 20ipm, depth per pass was .05in. Finishing pass was 1/16 upcut spiral. Feed 40ipm, plunge 20ipm and doc was .03. He main pocket was .200 deep. Don’t ask me why I picked that. I can’t take credit for the design, I found the project on the forum and just modified it to suit my needs. I learned a lot about my machine cutting this sign. I think this (the photo) was the fifth take.

Haha, this machine is a learning process, for sure! 0.2" seems like a great depth - plenty to see the design, but not so much it takes forever (relatively) to cut out.

Again, great job!