Layering an image so its cuts individual parts not altogether

So if im in easel and i have an image of say the niners logo

What is the easiest way to cut this entire piece but in sections meaning i want to cut the big oval then the second and third oval then the S and F separate that way to make a “3d” sign effect when i glue them up? Do i just select the objects indivudal and have them on separate work spaces? or what ?

thanks all

It all depends on the design size and space of the workpiece. You can move things around to maximize a workpiece using a single workspace… or if you need to use multiple sheets or material, then you’ll want to put part onto a seperate workpiece most likely… u fortunately easel can’t nest parts itself yet.

I use 1/4" mdf and then paint each layer and then CA glue them in place.

**I actually cheated a little, most of the “SF” layers came from the middle of the middle oval, It cut down the weight and saved a little material, since the hollow part is sandwiched in the middle, nobody will ever know :sweat_smile:

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THHANK YOU SO MUCH SETH !!!it looks by the way !

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