Layers, .ai or .eps file import, Folders and MORE

After watching the Easel LIVE stream the other day, the team asked to post feature requests here, so I’ve gathered a list of ones that I run into on a daily basis.
These are time-saving steps to create a more efficient and organized workflow.

The ability to turn on and off objects that need to be cut. Yes, you can set your objects to zero, but when cutting the same file over and over, this becomes a very time-consuming step.

.ai and .eps IMPORT
My file work typically starts in Adobe Illustrator where I natively save files as .ai. When I want to cut these files, I have to export an .svg. Now there are two files to manage. This would make for a simpler file workflow.

Many have asked for this, and I would call this a major feature request. My Easel library feels like an infinite scroll with years of projects. Folders would allow access by cut type, date, etc.

SAFETY Height Adjustment
When the project is done cutting, it would be great to ask the Z-Height to go, say, an inch highter than the default safety height to avoid hitting and scarring clamps, or even a potential wood piece that has popped up during cutting.

Ghost Artwork that is off the cutting grid
For those who use the X,Y starting point as ‘center’ of their artwork. Easel cuts off/hides the artwork to simply show the artwork is ‘off the pasteboard’, but yet it is usable area for some. Rather than completely erasing it, Easel could simply ghost it or make it transparent to intuitively imply the artwork is there, but may or may not get cut. Even color it red to indicate you are about to cut something off the pasteboard and let the user decide. Sorry for the crude visual example, but this is what I’m thinking…