Layout windows don't match up

I signed into easel this morning and getting ready to do a carve and seen that both my layout windows did not appear as I have left it when I did my layout.

As you can see window on right shows an area of approx 11 x 11 and my material dimensions are 16 x 20.

I tried to reset my material dimensions to the 16 x 20 and when I punched the numbers in and hit enter it wont says inches after the numbers.

I want to run this carve but I don’t need to waste a good piece of oak if it has a glitch in it and I can’t tell…

Is this an easel problem this morning? Or am I missing something, never seen this before on any of my layouts or projects.

Thanks for any information.

Click Machine on the menu bar, the work space is what represent the white stock area on the left.
The Material dimensions regulate the stock size in preview on the right.

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thank you, that worked…appreciate it…