Lead screw is wobbly

My lead screws wobble. So far I have found no issue with accuracy but it does seem peculiar. Any thoughts?

What leadscrews?
What machine?

Sorry, tried to load a vid but didn’t work. It’s an x carve with the phantom lead screw upgrade

Generally it’s ok for leadscrews to wobble. They should be designed with a floating end.
Is motion impeded at all? If not, it’s probably ok.

Mine did the same thing when I assembled the Z axis, I can only assume when I assembled it I bent the top section of the thread area a tiny bit. I was able to gently straighten mine out and have had no issues with it.

Long thin screws at 500+RPM will wobble. If they are ACME screws they are not machined to extreme tolerances anyways and I wouldnt worry unless you wish to take the machine to any extremes :slight_smile:

Thanks all, My machine is working very accurately so i guess its normal. I am used to the big machines we had at work, never saw a ball screw wobble :slight_smile:

It wouldnt be acceptable on a professional machine :slight_smile: