Lead screw

I is slipping a little during test run. mini screws are tighten. What could be the problem?

Where’s your nut?

Not sure what you mean?

Sorry, thats the pic from instructions. It was easier, sorry!

My nut is on

Are you carving? What exactly is slipping?

I was testing my “Z” before the test carve and it slips a little.

Uh huh. Tell me more.

What direction is it slipping in? Is the belt slipping? Is the lead screw sliding up and down?

Not enough info to troubleshoot.

Not the belt. the lead screw (very long one) wasn’t turning and the router wasn’t going up. I confirmed that my pressing the arrow on my computer and getting close to see why the router wan’t moving. I could see that, at times, the lead screw wasn’t turning. I thoiguht I had to tighten th etiny screws below the nut, but they seemed good.

So, you are clicking the on-screen arrows and sometimes the stepper motor spins and sometimes it doesn’t? If this is the case, it would suggest that you have some sort of wiring or connection issue. If that is the case, check the Z axis connections in the connectors both at the stepper and at the XController.

No, sorry. The motor spins, the lead screw doesn’t all the time.

Thanks! I tested it again and it seemed to be fine. Not 100% in belief of that… would it be at all possible for you to add links for what you are recommending?? I think I would like to do that, but just don’t have enough knowledge at this point.

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This is the type of screw you want to use;

You’ll need M3 x 8mm size. I prefer the Titanium Button Head style, but the cap style also works.

Home Depot has them for 45 cents a piece.

Remember to always use Blue Loctite on the screws.

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Pulley set screws are M3.

I bought these and used them, no loctite required:


Are these the ones with epoxy?

Nylon patch.