Leadshine DM542Y Driver

Has anyone seen and/or used these drivers? My nema 17 shaft broke on my upgraded x-carve and that means it’s time to upgrade to nema 23’s with new drivers & power supply. I’m debating on the following drivers:

DM542T - $32.29
DM542Y - $23.64
TB6600 - $7+

I know the leadshine drivers are better and smoother than the TB6600, but are they worth the extra money and what features are they delivering that make it worth the cost?

I noticed the addition of the DM542Y at stepperonline, and apparently it’s 1 level down from the “T”, see this:


Any first-hand experience with any of these drivers would be appreciated. I’m planning on running four nema 23, 178ozin 2.8A at 48V with 6mm GT3 belts on a 1000mm x-carve (home-built).


Either is fine, I dont think you’ll be able to notice any difference between Y/T.
I’d go with 260oz/in steppers on X/Y and 178oz/in for Z.

If you inclined to to increase voltage your performance will increase by going to 36/48V PSU. The DM5xx = accept <50V input.

I use the DM542T drivers and I really like them.

Granted I’ve never used the TB6600 so I don’t have a comparison to go by.

Thanks for the info! I found a 36V 12.5A Meanwell PSU for $65. Do you think this would be suitable for running 3x260oz/in and one 178oz/in steppers? Or should I go with a 48V PSU?

What voltage are you using? I know higher voltage means I can run the motors faster and they have better holding torque at higher speeds, however given the physical limits of the stock x-carve, would I really benefit from 48V over 36V?


Are you using one driver for each motor? And what motors are you using? Where did you purchase yours? Thanks!

I am using 48V but use screws (5mm per revolution).
The Xcarve may not benefit directly from 48V vs 36, due to the belts being the weak link here - but one dont have to increase rapids/acceleration because you can. For direct drive Z the added benefit may be more substantial.