Leadshine products now on Amazon for real?

Amazon store page:

I’ve been looking at stepper drivers all last week and just now I noticed some results pop up on Amazon under the Leadshine manufacturer name…

I’m not sure though. The products are only available through one seller, “novotech-sherry” out of California. In the seller profile it is noted as,“Just Launched” and this is what I find in the descriptions of the products:

“More detail please refer our website:http://en.jstuoge.com
Remark: If need to buy this product,please leave your phone number for me,as the express need to know your phone number here.
Please directly contect: novotech4@163.com or add skype:chen.sherry123 for more information.”

Can’t tell if it’s legit. Maybe Leadshine decided they needed an Amazon presence and they tasked a middleman US-based supplier to be in charge of it?

At least Amazon returns are fairly painless! What do you guys think?

Found these images on one of the stepper motors they sell:

I’d steer way clear.

Amazon policies prohibit off-site linking or off-site communications and the seller clearly doesn’t understand how Amazon works.

My guess is it’s a drop-shipper charging a premium to use Amazon.

I was not aware of Amazon’s policies on that but that does make a lot of sense. After I looked up the term “drop-shipping” I believe you are correct.

I noticed the prices aren’t outrageous but I have found cheaper elsewhere so there is some noticeable mark-up.

Hopefully they get things sorted out in the future so purchasing Leadshine products on Amazon becomes more accessible to the masses.