Learning 2.5 or 3D carving

can any one recommend how to learn about 3D carving, what are the types of files, etc. real beginner here in the CNC world.

I think this tooth-achingly bubbly tutorial is probably the most accessible way to get started:

They use Fusion 360, which is free software that is very very good, but it does have a bit of a learning curve to it. But it’s worth learning because it is CAD and CAM software all in one, and it’s really versatile… and free!

I’m not sure what the 3D file types are, as we do our 3D modeling within our software° and then go straight to generating the toolpath… the only thing that comes out is our g-code which we send to the X-controller via UGS.

° We use Vectric software, which is also very good for CNC, but unlike Fusion360, which is free, Vectric charge about a billion dollars for their software. And since we own it, I’ve never really developed my Fusion360 3D modeling skills.

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It really depend on your intended project and work flow (programs you are proficient enough with / aspire to use)

My advice is to be as specific as possible, provide some information or examples and we can answer more precisely :slight_smile:

There are tons of ways to choose from.

I downloaded a copy of Rhino about 15 years ago after buying a book on writing Gcode. Rhino came with a tutorial and it was pretty hard at first. I ended up just starting to draw simpler shapes on my own and then use the tools to manipulate the simple shapes, gradually doing more complex things. Rhino had a command list with a link to little videos that showed what happened when you used them.

Martin, thank you for the advice. I think I will be downloading V CARVE Desktop . I think this software fits my woodworking requierments for sigh making both 2D and 3D. Now to start watching youtube for 3D design know how.