Learning me bits

So I am using a 60 degree vbit on my first largish test run. I’m using MDF but its coming out pretty good and am wondering a few things:

I know the vbits will leave sort of a stroke as they don’t cut straight down as they are v shaped. Is there a 2nd pass bit I could use to simply remove the stroke and make it vertically straight? Would a 90 degree vbit cause less of a stroke? Here is a video … https://youtu.be/2Wh2s97EREc

On MDF - Cuts easy but it also damages easy, corners etc. What would anyone recommend to help preserve it, toughen it up, etc?


If you don’t want the angle from the V bit, use a down cut end mill the size appropriate for your project instead

Easel only shows up cut for some reason.

Functionally the same on the generate detailed preview?

Yes, You can select the up cut and should be good to go.

It is preferable to measure your bit, or cut a straight line and measure the width of the cut and use that measurement in the ‘Other’ box.

I use up cut bits with MDF with good results as well.