Leather Cutting

Can you cut basic leather outlines? For example if I want to cut an outline for a leather holster using 7/8 oz leather.

I have no idea, I have never tried to mill leather. :frowning: I strongly doubt it would turn out well.

Maybe with a drag knife? I am not sure if it could cut through that thick of leather though.
And there is the issue of generating the gcode as Easel does not support drag knifes yet.
(Drag knifes need that extra “twist” move to reorient the blade when they reach a corner.)

I am guessing with a laser cutting attachment it could.
I know the laser can etch the leather, and cut through smaller thickness. So maybe with multiple passes it might be able to do 7/8" stock?
(If you go with a laser cutter be sure to use the laser safety goggles!!! Better yet make an enclosure for the x-carve with a laser safe window. Even the reflected laser light can be very bad for your eyes!)

Note that the 7/8 oz. leather mentioned is not 7/8" thick. That leather would vary between 7/64" and 8/64" (.109" to .125")

I’m curious about this… If I had some leather I’d slap it on there and give it a try. I’m thinking a 1/16" 2 flute down cut bit is what I would try first…

.109" to .125"
Oh! my mistake. Drag knife should work then.
I still think laser is the best way to go on this because you don’t have to worry about leather being dragged or stretched by the cutting bit.
For milling I am guessing you could hold in place with 2 sided tape?
Someone want to give this a try and let us know?
You can get smaller bits of leather at Michaels!

A drag knife would work great for this. Once I get my machine up and running one of my first projects is going to be a drag knife assembly!

Here a video from the guys at Donek cutting leather with their CNC.

Thanks everyone for the responses appreciate it. I’ll call the folks at Donek about their drag knife assembly.

Hi Sonny - what did you find out about this. I’m interested too.

There was someone awhile ago who had success using one of our fishtail milling bits. The trick is to make a clamp that holds down the entire edge around your leather piece, kind of like a flat picture frame that holds it down. And then, he said that soaking it in a bit of water and freezing it flat helps. Makes the leather more solid and less strechy/bendy so it stays in place while you mill it out.

With that technique, you can do engravings as well as cutting out shapes.


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Hello Sonny, the truth that I am starting with my CNC machine, X-XCARVE, I would like to know that if I buy the Donek drag blade, it will be completely compatible with my machine, and I will be able to make the leather cuts I want with the shape I would be please, it would be very important to continue my project to build a CNC leather cutter.

Hey any luck with converting the x carve into a leather cutter? I’m also interested!