Leaving Burrs

I am having trouble carving in soft pine wood. The wood is not dried. The router leaves burrs in the cuts.I have attached pictures of the problem.
Can anyone explain what I can do to eliminate this.

How wet is the wood? Wet wood fibers are very flexible and chewy.

They seem to be pretty wet. I didn’t know the wood had not been dried. I have been reading other people talk about this on the internet and ir is a common problem with this kind of wood. As cool as rough cut wood looks, with the log sides, I am going to have to experiment some more.

Any suggestions on technique?

I think you are going to have trouble like that if you are using wet wood. Even if you get it cleaned up as it dries it will start to warp and crack.

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Like Wayne said you could have some stability issues when the wood dries. It will likely cup to the side you are removing material from.

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