LED lighting.........Anyone experience?

Does anyone have any experience in LED lights? Like All that is needed for battery and AC current? What you need to get started? Maybe a tutorial you know of? List of needed and where to get? Any help would be great. Thank you in advance


Here are some resources you might try.

Thank you guys anymore? Like to get full info

I’ve used some “Fairy Light” strings in some of my 3D printed projects. They have a little battery tab and switch that turns them on an off. This is not practical for all applications but it has worked for some of the 3D printed ornaments that I have created.

Beyond that, the next step might be something more like spools of LED lighting. This may require a bit of soldering and more knowledge but might be worth it for more finished projects. There are many youtube videos regarding such projects.

If you are uncomfortable with the above, you could investigate finished LED lighting fixtures such as those suitable for cabinet to counter top lighting.



@KennethMaddux Can you be more specific?

LED strips come in various configurations

You can purchase LED strips in various colors and LED counts. from monochrome, 3 color, and full color varieties.

Usually the monochrome and 3 color LEDs are controlled by a switch. Monochrome just turn on with switch for the entire strip. The three color versions can be turned on / off with switches. You can turn on the RED LEDs with one switch and the green and blue as well. Each color can be turned on / off independently or together.

There is another variety of LED strip that has a control chip for each LED. Each LED in this type of switch can display millions of colors based on the intensity of each color on each chip.

Typical purchase would be a strip of LEDs with 72 LED per meter or 144 LEDs per meter. (I think this is correct, it’s been a long time since I worked with them) These LED strips need either a controller or microprocessor to control the various colors and position of that color along the strip.

The 5 meter strips need to be fed with a power supply from each end of the strip to obtain full brightness of the LEDs.