LED sign that I made and want to use X-carve to etch the digits

I have already made this sign. I would like to etch the Plexiglas that covers the digits to make them look better.
Any software suggestions. The Easel does not cut back and forth like a laser does when it rasters graphics.
I would like a nice clean cut with the cut areas acting like a difuser for the LED light.
It works perfectly fine and I made a remote control for it. I just want to make it look better.

This is what I am going for.

So, why not just sand it down? It sounds like you’re going for an even diffuse surface, like you would get from sandpaper.

There is a little info here:

I would use a sand blaster but its very messy.
Also I am trying to learn my X-Carve system.

vinyl film that replicates a frosted etched glass look. The 3500 Series is perfect for entrance door logos and point of purchase advertising when a unique or classic looked is needed. The adhesive on the 3500 Series film is is crystal clear so it is perfect for glass and mirror applications.

Film Technology: Cast
Film thickness: 2 mil. (2/1000")
Finish: Matte
Durability: 5 years
Conformability: Flat / Simple Curves and Corrugation
Adhesive: Permanent/Clear
Application range: Minimum 50° F

Sounds nice but would cause issues as the film would degrade in the out doors. The sign is subjected to heat and humidity changes.

actually the durability rating for vinyl is 5 yrs outdoors and typically it will get another 2-5 if not in a situation where it is getting scratched or messed with.I do vinyl.

I’m interested in the microelectronics that make it work and about that remote control. What components did you use? Links to items?

You could always make a black frame/surround for around/in between the digits, and then seperate squares for the top/bottom bits actually inside the digits.