LED Word Clock

Hey guys!

I created an addressable LED word clock with my X-Carve. I only used two tools for this project my X-Carve and my soldering iron. I milled the aluminum face, HDPE backing and the copper PCB. I documented my whole build on YouTube: https://youtu.be/pyLAYcA9L70. Let me know if you have any questions.



Very cool project and very well presented video :slight_smile: Kudos!

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Very cool! Nice job! Love it.

That’s a very clever design!

My Mother has the original QlockTwo which I always considered buying for myself at some time but this actually looks like a neat alternative especially since I’d need more than one =)

Very cool.

Microelectronics is another hobby of mine. I’ve been wanting to make these word clocks for some time, but was waiting on my XC to arrive and get all setup. I’m almost there, so these will certainly be one of my projects.

Curious why you didn’t just use black HDPE for the thick backing. If so, you wouldn’t need the electrical tape to prevent bleed.

Nice work!!

Very cool. I especially like the rest of your videos on Youtube. The videos flow good and i like how you explained things.

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Just saw this on reddit and thought I recognized it. Nice job! I’ve been thinking about making one of these for some time. I think you might have inspired me.

Thanks for your comment. I already bought 4 white HDPE boards it was really an oversight. In the video you will see me carving a black HDPE board I bought that after the fact for testing. It is definitely better to go with black.

Thanks Jeff your comment means a lot! I enjoy documenting my work and helping others.

Do it! Let me know if you need any help.

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The clock in black!


Wow. This is amazing. Would you mind uploading your Easel file and other info to the Inventables project section? I’d love to (try to) rercreate this with my kids!